Violation of the integrity of the judiciary in the Netherlands

rechter2(this blog was published at 1-4-16. Changed the date for several reasons)

For several decades the Netherlands do not meet the rules of the state of law. The accountability of the judiciary is severely compromised because about half of the court decisions are not been made public. There is no effective public control, even not through inspection on this part of the Trias Politicas. And meanwhile they sign each decision, stating it was made public. This problem exists in the Netherlands and in some way in some other Western countries.  However, the power of the judiciary is so immense that gradually everyone keeps his mouth. Personally, I keep a file on this matter. I recently took the temerity to offer an article on this issue to main Dutch Juridical magazine Nederlands JuristenBlad. They rejected my article. The rejection reasons for this were absurd. I dedicated 6 blogs, a few thousand words, to this matter, to explain the absurdity of the reasons of this refusal. My article bore the express approval away from my accompanying professor (I am a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam) There follows a final blog. I make this English text for civilians in other countries to make them aware that serious mass violations of fundamental human rights in the Netherlands is reality. To learn more, you can use the translate button (right) to translate my blogs on the issue. I am open to comments, also in English. I apologize for any spelling and style errors in this English text. Correction suggestions are also welcome.

I am also open for suggestions for publication possibility’s in English of the whole original article. The English version of this article is almost finished (june 2017)


Joep Zander

PS: The editorial board of the magazine:  Chairman and former member of the Dutch Supreme Court: Coen Drion, former professor, now  member of the Dutch Supreme Court Ybo Buruma, Professor and Advocate General at the Supreme court Ton Hartlief, Professor and Advocate General at the Supreme court Taru Spronken, Professor and Advocate General at the Supreme court Peter J. Wattel and the professors (law): Tom Barkhuysen, Corien (J.E.J.) Prins.

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