Butchers and Judges

If butchers are not checked by an inspection service, this is at the expense of meat quality. So the case law too needs external control to deliver quality justice. This control, which in accordance with the principles of trias politics, can only be conducted by the citizens, is now made impossible by the lack of statutory disclosure. Laws on the right to visitation, joint custody and equal parenting are not executed by the judiciary without citizens being able to perceive that well. Moreover, by virtue of the judiciary, systematically, under almost all family law pronouncements, lies a lie which conceals the intransparency itself. As a result, the most vulnerable citizens, children in the crush are damaged, just like public health is damaged by spoiled meat.

( Joep Zander Bratislava 4 mei 2017)

Het kan natuurlijk zijn dat mensen in bovenstaande karikatuur/cartoon een bekende rechter herkennen. Speciaal voor deze mensen onderstaand neuzelige filmpje.

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