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Toen ik bezig was met mijn Engelse tekst voor mijn speech, bijna een maand geleden, in Bratislava ontdekte ik dat er ook een Engels woord ‘angst’ bestaat dat een van de mogelijke vertalingen is van het Nederlandse woord angst. Maar dan wel angst in een zeer verreikende vorm. Levensbedreigende angst. In het laatste aandachtsstreepje uit dit gedeelte van mijn speech kunt u het terug vinden. Overigens heb ik wegens tijdgebrek een aantal streepjes bij de lezing overgeslagen. Maar ook misschien een beetje uit angst.


– All (as far as we can unravel the secrecy) public sentences in family-law in The Netherlands are undersigned under the sentence: pronounced publicly.

– An organization called ASZM (general secretary of the Judiciary) attracted itself hierarchical powers without any legal status. This illegitimate or even illegal organization firmly limited the constitutionally obligated public pronouncement of sentences.

– No sentence on family law in the Netherlands (as far as known) is physically pronounced in an open session of a court, which on it self is not necessary. About 2 % of the sentences are being published. There is no public pronouncement of about 98 % of the sentences. This is already practiced this way during several decennia and the number of sentences involved are millions.

– There was an evident just decision of the court of Arnhem in 1997 to give insight to sentences that was overruled by the fore mentioned secetary. Apart from the question what title anyone could have to interfere in the autonomy of the judges and the responsibility of courts to facilitate those judges, even the status of this organ on that moment was quite obscure and sinister.

– Considering the checks and balances of the Trias Politica it seems quite obvious that it is precisely a task of the civilian to execute some control on the judiciary. So there is a power structure (almightiness Goudard) assigned to the judiciary institutions without democratic control.

– Members of parliament fear to intervene. Moreover, Some members of parliament are judge themselves.

(- A lot of University law teachers are judges. The now just installed foremen (women) of the The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is a law professor that systematically refuses to debate the situation on public pronouncement although transparency, privacy and so is here core scholarly subject.)

– There is a general knowledge of a fear-culture on the department of justice that is so deep that civil servants even don’t want to speak about this culture of fear so says the work council of this department.

– The former ( till 2012) secretary General of this department was accused of abusing and raping children in among other Turkey and Prague. An investigation was started. Although he lied and was accused of perjury by the public attorney the investigation is still pending. This might not only have harmed children directly, but also indirectly by creating a ministry without integrity and a cult of fear..

– Public and open discussion about these kind of problems is impossible and encounters fear even angst, and well, people just don’t want to know.

(C) Joep Zander Bratislava 2017

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