Covid-19 : more then a single-cause disease

Sars-cov-2 is a virus and covid-19 is a disease. It looks perhaps a bit whiny but there is a big difference. But not so on the site of the WHO:

This is the second time I discovered such a malicious failure on the side of the WHO. The boss of the WHO in his statement of march 3 made no differentiation between Case Fatality Rate versus Infection Fatality Rate.

I can not reasonably argue that this kind of miscommunication is a matter of just a simple communication failure. I get the impression it serves a communication strategy.

I discovered the missing point of the WHO on virus versus disease because I found that as time passes more and more evidence arises about a diversity of causes that influence the severity of symptoms which we name Covid-19. So I tried to find the source of all that. In many peoples minds the question arises whether the virus is the most important cause of the disease we fight a global war with. I do not question the existence of the virus, it sure infects people and it often contributes to mortal symptoms. But do we possibly neglect to look at the situation of the world more in a helicopter view?

I am not a medical scientist but as an academical educated pedagogue specialized in such a controversial theory like Parental Alienation Disorder/syndrome in which I, like perhaps half of the Western population is involved I have learned to combine the benefits of personal involvement with a scholar view. I get the impression that this helps me out. And it might help you out! I learned to understand why people neglect truth in order to adapt to social compliance. I also learned to understand that some people go the opposite way and believe that nothing we learned at school is true. That is in my opinion the way a lot of people get to believe that the earth is flat or that viruses do not exist. But we need to examine truth, where possible by own observations.

In a speech for a congress in Bratislava I formulated this cognitivity problem this way:

The mechanisms I describe fit into the theories on cognitive dissonance. A special branch in that theory is from the Dutch scientist Bart Nooteboom(Nooteboom, et al, 2007). He introduces the term cognitive distance into Festingers theorie. I interpreted Nootebooms theory on my turn in the way that if there is an optimal distance in which people feel possibilities to communicate and get new ideas and there is an optimum as Nooteboom states, there is also an area in which people’s ideas cannot meet each other because their cognitive schemes and knowledge are too divers. As a consequence claims this theory that in that situation no common ground can be found for fertile discussions and change. Well I hope this is to pessimistic.

Two months ago I summarized my ideas on Corona in two images. Of course they are not perfect, but most of the mentioned causes are researched and when I have time I will add the sources to this article. To be clear when I mention radiation as a cause of Corona I don’t mean to say that it is a main cause, far from that. But sure research suggest the bad influence above a certain amount of radiation. The relative influences are difficult to measure, my main point is that the virus is just one of the causes of Covid-19.

© Joep Zander published 27-8-2020