Gender Gap on Wikipedia; male point of view

Hi there, I hope my English is good enough.
There is a lot to do about Gender Gap in Wikipedia, there even is some research. But I doubt the conclusions. It might be true that there is an unequivalence between man biographies(research) and woman biographies and movies woman like versus man (research) and sure there are more male editors than female ones (research). But when we look at the problems men have to edit about fatherhood , masculinisme, and so on I think there is a big lag in men’s gender issues. Quite sure. I’ve seen a lot of fights on the Dutch and German Wikipedia on this issue.
There are GLAM-program’s running on Wikipedia with feminist institutes to overcome the so called and assumed Gender gap. The program on the Dutch Wikipedia is run by two men. So the gap is growing. The problem was not the unequivalence of information but the unequivalence of editors. So this programs makes the problem grow worse.

But is there somewhere anything written on the Wikipedia Gender Gap from a male s point of view? What do you people think of it? Thanks for your attention.

 My vision caused problems on the Dutch wikipedia.
male editors paid to work on feminist issues meanwhile censoring male issues and truth about pedosexual scandals

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