Disclosing paid Wikimedia-GLAM-editors who work under pseudonym

   My contribution to the discussion on wikimedia proposals.

I hope my use of English is sufficient to be understood. I was on the Dutch Wikipedia confronted with an editor that worked under pseudonym and turned out to be a paid GLAM-editor. So paid by a project under responsibility of Disclosing this connection between editor Theobald Tiger (pseudo) and an IRL-name of the employee, based on several pages on wikipedia itself in which this connection was clearly made, resulted in a total block of my account (including blocked editing my user-pages) on the Dutch Wikipedia. This block is now indefinitely for as long I refuse to stop disclosing this connection. It is also important to know that the editor in this question was really intimidating to other users under his pseudonym. He wrote things as: “Well I wouldn’t be surprised that you will be thrown into the canal after visiting this wiki-meeting” I intentionally don’t use examples of his behavior against myself, and ok I can’t translate the whole context; which imho is worse if you consider his behavior in total. He was not blocked for this behavior, earlier he got some one-day-blocks.
I’m feeling that I’m a kind of whistle blower that is punished with a block. I was editing on Wikipedia for almost ten years without any block. Inbetween I’m so afraid that I did not have the courage to mention the real name of Theobald Tiger on a Wikimedia page here. I brought this question off wiki because of the importance of it. So I’m feeling that the Wikimedia-organisation itself is not well handling the question of disclosing. On contrary. Thanks for your attention. –~~~~

PS: Theobald Tiger is also the editor that censored on a very intimidating and strange way the article on Joris Demmink. Joris Demmink was secretary-general of the Dutch ministry of justice for ten years but is prosecuted now for child rape. One of the GLAM projects Theobald Tiger is working on is Atria a womens knowledge institute. This also raises questions about the involvement of this editor in removing male-gender issues of more on Wikipedia and GLAM

Are there governemental Troll's on Wikipedia?
Are there governemental Troll’s on Wikipedia?

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