Dutch separation and divorce fair, the general public and the press

niet aan denkenJoep Zander Blog; 11 February 2008 translated by Peter Tromp

The Dutch separation and divorce fair, which had been pre-announced as an amazing event (see also below) that nobody should miss, has attracted much press attention, but little man attention.

Fortunately enough separated father campaigner Ad Verdiesen found the time to visit the fair to draw attention to the fact that separated fathers and their children were being dealt with a bad hand in separation and divorce proceedings. The general public however obviously must have considered the fair as just another ditch attempt to clobber the money from their pockets and stayed away.

Dutch Television Program “Een Vandaag” (TV1 Today), although served by me with several good ideas and perspectives on the event, decided not to report on it, because they couldn’t think of an interesting angle to report on the separation and divorce fair.

May be the money making family court judges, lawyers and mediators representing the family court system at the fair were not considered original enough, but my suggestions to report on it from a critical angle certainly were. Also their own idea to report on it from the perspective of a cultural and art perspective would have been most interesting. It is a pity therefore that TV1 Today didn’t follow through with their report, but this seemed to me to have been more the result of the power of involved capital and financial interests then a lack of creativity.

Or perhaps TV1 Today was just being “fair”: after all, there was nothing interesting to report on at this fair.

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