Maastricht University and Corine de Ruiter

In my best English: (sorry for the possible mistakes; please inform me, will be improved) (till now only published on this blog)

Repression by Maastricht University

Dear foreign connections (linkedin and others)
I ask for your support against the threatenings I experience from the (Dutch) University of Maastricht. As scientist I support a complaint on scientific integrity against forensic psychologist prof Corine de Ruiter. In the course of that complaint the complainer and me were threatened by juridical measures against us because we published about the misconducts of Corine de Ruiter. The University states that because of the fact that we did some effort to formulate the complaints and sended our complaints, of course, to the University, we are supposed to keep that complaint and the results and so on secret.
Our complaints included two main points:
– De Ruiter did a research with a 10% response without any non-response analysis. Based on that ‘research’ she stated that other ideas then that proposed by herself and her co-author were myths. The word Myths even appeared in the title of an article she published about this research.
– De Ruiter used a very small selection of literature and did not do many attempts to compare her own point of view (called a scientific result) with other research.
As a result of the complaint the University admitted the complaint components but in a way that they were regarded as minor points that couldn’t result in a formal rightness of our complaint. The complainer decided to bring the complaint to the national Dutch committee on scientific integrity.
In a comment on that and the original threatenings we accused the University of Maastricht of cowardness and both prof de Ruiter and the University of coercive controlling violence. Coercive controlling violence is a specialism of prof Corine de Ruiter, at least she is quite skillfull in addressing that to others.
Because bringing this to justice in a country in which the judiciary is not so very keen in being transparent in the way art 6.1 of the European Convention of Human Rights demands, I feel very threatened by the behavior of the University of Maastricht and I ask all my English connections to send a letter to the University to ask for dealing in an integer way with complaints which they themselves agree. Ask for transparency and for measures against violation of scientific codes.
Please adress your support for academic freedom and freedom of speech to the secretariat of the Executive Board of Maastricht University:
Decision on complaint against Corine de Ruiter (in Dutch sorry, try Google translate)
other documents in this case
a choice of other articles in English