Wilderst country

The article below is written in my best English. Which might be not so good at all. Please help me to improve that.

uitdelen met asjoeraHolland is a kind of wild country. Everyone is expecting it to be a well developed democracy, in which people tend to be nice to each other, and in which human rights are respected.

Holland is sometimes a wilder country then a lot of other country’s we usually refer to as banana republics. Holland is not respecting basic democratic rights.

At this moment Holland is, seen trough the eyes of a lot of moslims in the world, the wildest country looking at the way we are biased and disrespectful.

As one person seems to set the agenda and the public image for Holland we even can call Holland the Wilderst country.

Personally I like the moslims around me (of course). There are a lot of them in the street where I live in. I’m proud on my street, I’m proud at the people in my street. That absolutely includes the many moslim people here. They are respectful, the help me, at Asjoera I’m surprised to get a nice small meal because that’s what they believe should be done in the way they look at the Koran. But I dont have the feeling they do it júst for that. It makes the impression it reflects an integer, loving and believing way to look at het world. So I can respect them as human, which is evident, and should’nt be needed to mention here; I can as well respect them in their religion.

I’m happy to see at the blog ( there were plans to send flowers to mister Wilders. So much that he couldn’t imagine in his wildest dreams. Like all good religions say; give and love. Like my neighbors try ( well it is not that I never had a hard word; but we go for the solution). I already suggested (here) Wilders himself should send pastry to all Dutch moslims. It might be cheaper, and sure more effective then his agitating performance now.

It is not the “pathetic” demonstration in Amsterdam that will help us out. I don’t see that the people there go for real human rights over here. A lot of people who are quite willing to demonstrate not always have a clear view on the problem imho. They look at the Islam as a underdeveloped religion. In my ideas Christianity is quite underdeveloped. It is sometimes very hypocritical. Our leaders, calling themselves Christians are not giving the example of the behavior they expect to see from their civils.

Specially in family rights and organization of judiciary Holland is an undemocratic country. People like Hedy d’ Ancona (former feminist minister) are not aware of the humiliation of child and human rights in Holland but were pleased to demonstrate their arrogant good-will in a perhaps pathetic demonstration which won’t help us much further.

It is not so that I’m without critic on some idea’s and practices of the Islam. And sure I want to defend normal freedom to speak out any opinion. Forbidding the Wild things and thinks of the Wilder(s)t man here won’t bring us closer to any solution. What helps is to speak out against his mentality. Like I did now.


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  1. God Bless you. May the Force be with you and Salam and Shalom (peace be upon you).

    We were looking for a few good Dutch, and atleast we have found one.

    Thank you for your comments. Hope there are others like you.

    Take care and keep in touch!


    PS: Your English is the best English I have read this year!…so keep writing in all languages!

    PSS: What address should I send flowers to Mr. Wilders

  2. Yes, like I said, there is a lot of censorship over here. I have some good examples of censored criticism like on the katholic church. Wilders is not doing anything against that. Well at least you are not censored on this site. Would be great if you would mention that as well.

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